WiSH LANTERNThese mini Lantern papers ~ designed for indoor use ~ are a delightful way to celebrate, make wishes, or set intentions.

An ancient spiritual tradition in Asia and Southeast Asia, ceremonial sky lanterns have been launched from temples and shorelines to send prayers and blessings to the heavens.

Buddhist Yi Peng Festival:
The Lanna people of Northern Thailand use “floating lanterns” (khom loi) for a multitude of celebrations. The most elaborate,the Yi Peng festival, is held on a full moon of the 2nd month in Chiang Mai. The festival is meant as a time to obtain Buddhist merit.

EACH TUBE CONTAINS: 20 Wish Lantern papers, 1 pencil, whatever you can dream up!

See our ‘ideas’ page for fabulous suggestions on ways to use WiSH LANTERNS… the sky’s the limit!

WiSH LANTERNS are made in Canada with 100% biodegradable, recyclable products. (Paper, packaging & wooden pencils).